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Todd and Slava are very excited to bring the best teaching possible with their incredible array of different skills to as quickly as possible turn you into a Superstar!

voice, theory and piano teacher

A professional singer with an award-winning background

Imagine listening to yourself or your child sing and tears of joy ran down your face. Slava is one of the world’s great opera singers. She has performed to date in 18 different countries full of awards from presidents and world leaders who never forgot her. There’s a reason they will never forget! Slava brings joy to her audiences and students alike. She was proudly trained by the University of Ukraine which brought her voice to much of Europe.

You will learn how to breathe properly and learn what you need to know about music and proper tone. Your lessons will be uniquely custom tailored to your individual needs. You can leave for home feeling a sense of pride that, yes! That beautiful voice really did come out of you! Slava will get you there, and we are so excited for you to join with us.

Enjoy the song written and performed by Slava

piano teacher and piano technician

A professional piano player with its own piano manufacturing company - Norberg

Todd is recognized and knows personally the world’s best technicians and piano designers, and can help you in a very special way someday exploring the piano of your dreams!

My training is through University, practical application, and through rigorous training with some of the best musicians in the world.

Our program is uniquely suited to your abilities and your cognitive abilities.

We offer piano tuning and servicing all the way up to full rebuilding

Enjoy the performance by the famous American piano player at the Norberg Concert