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All classes are taught by industry professionals

How about having a teacher who performed in nearly 20 different countries around the world and is a world class musician whose passions are to bring the world of music to her students?

Slava, a devoted music teacher with 10 years of related experience supported by Master Degree Opera Singer and Voice Instruction with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Experienced in teaching students ranging from 3 to 65 years old.

How about having a piano teacher who performed on TV regularly in over 200 countries through Benny Hinn Ministries?

And on top of it, we have our very own piano line master designed by Todd himself, as he is a World Class Registered Piano Technician and Master Piano Engineer. Todd is recognized and knows personally the world’s best technicians and piano designers, and can help you in a very special way someday exploring the piano of your dreams!

Our guitar teacher lives in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine
He started developing musical skills since 9 year old. From 9 to 19 y.o. he was practicing classical guitar, then – electric one. 
His job, except for giving guitar lessons, includes few responsibilities: guitarist and manager in his bands.
He is also proud to be a session guitarist in  the studio recording guitar parts.


The Best Testimonials Are Our Students' Achievements

Elizabeth, 7 y.o., 1.5 years of playing piano
Alisa, 15 y.o., has been a student for 2 years
Jonathan, 15 y.o., has been playing piano for 1.5 years (accompanying to his teacher)